Standards and ethics

The College defines and promotes standards of conduct for the profession.

The Code of Ethics and professional conduct is a statement of the values and principles set by the College

The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is produced to promote and maintain good and safe professional behaviour and practice in occupational therapy. It applies to all occupational therapists, associate members and OT students and is available for reference by service users, employers, and commissioners.


College of Occupational Therapists Code of Continuing Professional Development

The College has devised this Code of Continuing Professional Development to support the occupational therapy workforce by setting out clear expectations for all BAOT members' professional development.


Professional standards defined by the College raise the quality, safety and effectiveness of occupational therapy

Professional Standards for Occupational Therapy Practice will enable all occupational therapy staff to monitor and improve their practice and demonstrate to others the quality of service that can be expected from occupational therapists. The standards are underpinned by legislation and regulatory and monitoring bodies.
The Professional Standards for Occupational Therapy Practice (2011) are those expected by the professional body and have been written to be attainable, with practice improvements if necessary.
They have been produced in alignment, and should be read in conjunction, with the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

NICE Quality Standards define what quality care in England should look like across a particular clinical area or pathway

They are sets of specific, concise statements derived from the best available evidence and their purpose is to act as benchmarks of high-quality health and social care.
COT is an active stakeholder in the NICE Quality Standards work programme and shares a commitment to drive up the quality of care for service users. As a Publications Partner with NICE, COT has agreed to support the implementation and raise awareness of the following quality standards:

NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence