COT Practice Guidelines

The College has a number of practice guidelines to support evidence informed practice.

NICE has accredited the process used by the College of Occupational Therapists to produce its practice guidelines. Accreditation is valid for five years from January 2013 and is applicable to guidance produced using the processes described in the:


More information on accreditation can be viewed at: 


COT Practice Guidelines published since 2011 are supported by an implementation toolkit consisting of a Quick Reference guide and an Audit Form together with a Continuing Professional Development Session to assist occupational therapists and services in implementing the guidelines into practice.


Practice Guidelines published after September 2012 will have followed the detailed development process as described in the Practice Guidelines Development Manual 2011.

Practice Guidelines currently available (NICE accredited):


Practice Guidelines currently available:


Guideline evaluation project

The College of Occupational Therapists carried out a pilot guideline evaluation project during 2015 in which an online survey was conducted (to which 222 people responded), and a BAOT member networking event was held.
The focus of the project was on the practice guideline: 

The aim was to gather information on the awareness and use of the guideline and its implementation resources (Quick Reference Guide, Audit Tool and CPD session).

The findings indicated that the guideline document was valued and viewed as having the potential to make significant/some contribution to services. Challenges for the implementation of the evidence-based recommendations, included issues of service construction and delivery, staff time, and resources. Findings indicate that the translation of a guideline into practice requires strong key messages, targeted for different audiences, and could potentially be assisted by exemplar implementation case studies. There is also the need to ensure that occupational therapists are informed and supported to communicate the value of a guideline for commissioning and business management processes.

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Julia Roberts

Quality Programme Manager
020 7450 2334