Outcomes and record keeping

Measuring and recording outcomes, and effective record keeping, are fundamental and important activities to support professional practice.



Information on outcome measures and demonstrating value through the collection of data can be found within a number of COT resources:


Record keeping

The routine use of occupational therapy terminology in record keeping is one of the essential information building blocks that can support the profession to measure, evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions with service users and carers.

Electronic care records are increasingly becoming the standard means for health and social care professionals to record information about their assessments and interventions.

SNOMED Clinical Terms (CT) is a national vocabulary of clinical phrases for use within health and care systems to support the recording of information in the service user record. The College of Occupational Therapists, in collaboration with its members, has developed a number of occupational therapy subset standards. The standards should be used for all service user care records, whether they are stored digitally or on paper. They can also be used by occupational therapists when working with their local IM&T department to agree sets of coded terms for use by occupational therapists in their care records.

Occupational therapy terminology: supporting occupation-centred practice

The following documents provide some contextual information and lists of the occupational therapy subsets (October 2016 updates):

  1. Overview: Occupational therapy language and SNOMED CT
  2. Assessments used by occupational therapists 
  3. Problems in occupational performance recorded by occupational therapists
  4. Goals of occupational therapy intervention
  5. Interventions recorded by occupational therapists
  6. Other useful SNOMED subsets

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SNOMED subset standards complement the following documents:  


Further information

You can find out more about SNOMED CT for Occupational Therapists in the College’s Professional Development Resource, and details about key areas of informatics important to the occupational therapy profession in the College of Occupational Therapists’ Managing Information Strategy and Implementation Plan 2015-2025.

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The seminal documents authored by Chris Austin, College of Occupational Therapists, which detail the development of the occupational therapy subsets and links with, for example, the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, can be obtained by contacting: mandy.sainty@cot.co.uk