Consultation on professional indemnity cover proposal

Submitted by Allegra on Thu, 13/06/2013 - 10:26

The HCPC has launched an eight-week consultation on the Government's proposal that all health professionals must hold professional indemnity cover as a condition of registration. This is subject to parliamentary approval and will apply to all professions considered to be "healthcare professions" under the terms of the European Directive on cross-border healthcare.

The HCPC said: "We anticipate that the majority of our registrants will already be able to meet these requirements as they will be indemnified either through their employer, a professional body, directly with an insurer or a combination of these. However, it is important that registrants ensure that they have cover in place that is appropriate for their practice." The HCPC's draft guidance on the professional indemnity requirement can be found here.

It is anticipated that cover will need to be in place by 25th October 2013. From 1st April 2014, new applicants to the HCPC Register and those renewing their registration will be required to complete a professional declaration. Failure to hold appropriate cover will mean the applicant's registration will be rejected.

COT will be contributing to a joint AHPF response, and members can respond personally to the HCPC's consultation here.

The consultation is now open and will run until 2nd August 2013.