Search the CINAHL and Medline databases

Submitted by JamesPatterson on Wed, 08/03/2017 - 01:00

We are pleased to announce that COT members can now search the CINAHL and Medline databases through the EBSCOHOST platform, via the COT website.

References and full text results delivered include those from the fields of:

  • allied health
  • consumer health
  • research instruments and clinical trials
  • health care system
  • alternative/complementary medicine
  • nursing and medicine
  • pre-clinical sciences


Search the databases and access ejournal articles.

The information skills guide CINAHL and Medline: searching these databases through the EBSCOHOST platform should help you begin searching these databases.

Please note that COT members need to be logged into the COT website with their email and self-selected password to search the databases.