Students: when should you upgrade to COT professional member status?

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The transition from student life to practising professional is a big milestone in the life of every OT, but how can you make sure that this isn’t the end of your development?

BAOT membership can help you to do that. Whether you are upgrading from a student membership or joining the organisation afresh, BAOT can provide you with a host of benefits, including free downloads of professional publications, discount rates for events and access to dedicated networks of specialist OTs, keeping your skills fresh while you search for jobs. 

Range of benefits

In addition, you will receive the support of dedicated professional advice, a dedicated monthly e-bulletin for new graduates, and the support of trade union membership from Unison, as well as the all-important indemnity and insurance that means you can practise safely. You can find a full round-up of the different benefits your professional membership gives you here

Best of all, we will give you a 25 per cent discount on your first membership year as a new graduate.   

For students who are graduating this year, your current BAOT student membership is valid until September 30 2013. We will be contacting you in due course about upgrading your membership. 

However, if you will be employed in a role using your occupational therapy skills prior to September 30, you should upgrade your membership to a professional member earlier to coincide with the start date of your employment.  

Moving house?

If you will be changing your address in the coming months, please ensure that you notify our membership administration department so that you do not miss out on continuing to receive your monthly publications during the remainder of your BAOT student membership. 

The membership administration department can be reached on 020 7450 2348 or by emailing

You should also ensure that you are registered as a professional with our regulator, the Health and Care Professions Council. You can find more information on their website


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