COT Professional Indemnity Insurance for members – update June 2016

Submitted by JamesPatterson on Wed, 08/06/2016 - 14:09

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) has continued to be a priority for the College. Recent changes in HCPC requirements and the ever growing diverse nature of employment for occupational therapists has led COT to review this essential member benefit to make sure it offers the best value and breadth of cover as possible.  Insurance cover is relevant for all members but particularly to our self-employed members.  Discussion at the 2015 AGM in Brighton highlighted key issues for members and we have taken this on board. Over the past few months COT has been reviewing requirements and, following meetings with other professional bodies and insurance experts, has gained a better understanding of what is available and possible in determining our PII offer to members.  COT has also been consulting with a cross section of members which cumulated in a meeting at the end of May with a group of interested members to understand their views and perspectives as to what the essential requirements would be for any PII policy.  This was a very informative meeting and has equipped us with information to carry on to the next steps in discussing with insurance providers the options for any PII offer and then share this with the wider membership.  

The outcomes are obviously not yet determined but the College’s aim would be to be to provide some level of enhanced PII cover and build relationships with insurance providers who could offer special rates to provide broader business cover for members without the need for increasing membership fees.  Further updates will be provided as work continues.

Karin Bishop
Assistant Director of professional Practice


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