Recovering Ordinary Lives: COT wants your views about Impact, Progress and Next steps

Submitted by cmiller on Fri, 14/10/2016 - 00:00

Due to feedback from members, COT would like to produce an Interim Report about member’s views of the impact, progress and next steps for Recovering Ordinary Lives; the strategy for occupational therapy in mental health services 2007-2017. To collect views we are reconvening the steering group for a meeting in September, will hold four free networks events, one in each of the four countries for COT members to attend and will use email networks including those of the Specialist Sections.

In order to help COT produce the report, we would like to hear your views by the 31st December 2013 about:

  • What impact has Recovering Ordinary Lives had for practitioners, managers, academics, COT and commissioners?
  • What progress has been made towards the aims and key messages in the document?
  • What might next steps look like?


Copies of Recovering Ordinary Lives, its key messages and the audit tools can be downloaded at:

For more information about the network events, to book places or to give views please email:

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