The Career Development Framework

We have been working with key stakeholders and a virtual advisory group (n=200) since June 2016 and are delighted to bring to formal consultation the current draft of an exciting new resource.

The Career Development Framework: Guiding Principles for Occupational Therapy will offer a structured process to guide careers within our profession. Nine levels make up the Career Framework and within each level are four interacting Pillars of Practice (Professional Practice; Facilitation of Learning; Leadership; and Evidence, Research and Development).

The resource is a higher-level set of guiding principles for the occupational therapy profession. The spirit of the Career Framework is to provide a practical, accessible and aspirational tool to: guide professional development for all individuals (inc support workers, students, registered professionals); provide a structure to underpin service review and an indicative framework for the profession as a whole.

Requested tasks:

  1. Using the career profile tool in the consultation document, please map yourself into the Career Development Framework to:
    a. Identify your Career Level (1-9) at each of the four Pillars
    b. Share your thoughts on the experience
  3. Share the consultation document with as many people as possible in your own networks, including non-RCOT members, and invite them to contribute their thoughts too
  5. Share your feedback on completing the tasks via the survey link by 11th May 2017
NB you will not be asked to share your personal career level or future development needs, we are asking for your thoughts on the process and the draft framework.

The questionnaire is in two sections:

Section One will ask:

  • If you mapped yourself to different Career Levels for the four Pillars of Practice?
  • What surprised you or didn't surprise you about the mapping task?
  • How did you find the process?

Section Two will ask for your thoughts on:

  • The level of clarity in the wording of the principles (rating scale)
  • Suggestions for alternatives (if appropriate)


Please do be as honest and constructive as you can and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Lead: or @setG75.

We genuinely look forward to hearing your thoughts so we can uplift this resource further. Our aim is to provide an accessible and meaningful career development tool for all occupational therapy personnel.

Closing date: Thursday 11th May