Research and Development Board

The Research and Development Board provides strategic guidance on research and development, research governance, information management and library and information services.

The Research and Development Board comprises eight BAOT members who have an interest in occupational therapy research.

Board members have a responsibility to support Research and Development in the delivery of Strategic Plan objectives and to act as a link between the College, BAOT members and other stakeholders.
Membership of the Board is drawn from a wide variety of professional backgrounds, with a term of office of three years. The Chair is elected by a national ballot of members and a call for replacement Board members is made every spring. Successful applicants are agreed by the Board, with consideration to the skills offered to ensure representation across the areas of Research and Development. The term of office for Board members commences at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June and Board meetings are held three times a year.
The Board Chairman is a member of the Council of BAOT/COT and provides a line of accountability from members directly to Council. A Vice-Chairman is appointed by the Board in order to ensure continuity at meetings in the absence of the Chair. Currently Board membership includes a protected position for a postgraduate research student, who has additional responsibilities to represent the needs of this group of members. Up to two co-opted members can be invited to contribute to Board activities for a fixed period.


Professor Priscilla Harries

Vice Chairman:

Dr Duncan Pentland

To contact the Board:

Lesley Gleaves
Research and Development Board Secretary

Tel: 0207 450 2323