We promote best practice in occupational therapy for people with rheumatic diseases.

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The College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section - Rheumatology provides a forum for occupational therapy staff that have an interest in services for people with arthritis, musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain.

Consultation form - Hand and wrist orthotics practice guideline

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Details of research projects relating to Work

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Membership provides the opportunity for networking with occupational therapists from all over the UK who are involved in all aspects of assisting people back to work or remaining in work.

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Supporting people to remain in, return to, or obtain work is a key function of occupational therapy.

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Membership within COT Specialist Section - Rheumatology also gives you opportunities to contribute to practice in rheumatology by sharing developments of your practice.


We are a dedicated Specialist Section of occupational therapy staff that is passionate about older peoples’ independence, well-being and choice.

We provide professional and clinical information on all aspects of occupational therapy practice related to older people. We have a responsibility to keep abreast of relevant professional, practice, policy and legislative developments and issues. Our members include occupational therapy staff from both physical and mental health services for older people.