Benefits of joining include access to an active national and international network and learning resources

Join COT SS Mental Health

Membership gives you access to an active national and international network of occupational therapists working on behalf of, and in partnership with, COT Specialist Section - Mental Health.

We advocate a holistic approach towards clients with mental health problems

Mental Health
COT Specialist Section - Mental Health has a well-established network of members who support each other’s professional development, and work cooperatively to shape and influence mental health and well-being national policy.

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Become a member of COT Specialist Section - Independent Practice and benefit from networking with other self-employed and privately employed occupational therapists

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Benefits of Membership include:

  • We organise an annual conference to keep you up to date with your professional practice and it's a great networking opportunity

We support occupational therapists working within the independent or private sector

COT Specialist Section - Independent Practice represents and supports self-employed occupational therapists and occupational therapists employed by non-traditional employers outside of the public sector, including housing associations, equipment manufacturers and retailers, private medical facilities and insurance companies.

By joining you get the opportunity to network with OTs who share your commitment to raising standards, creating user-centred housing services and a more inclusive built environment.

Join COT SS Housing
If you practise in the health, social care or independent sectors, and 'housing' forms part or all of your work, membership of COT Specialist Section - Housing enhances your skills and knowledge.

Fit for Purpose, Fit for Life - 21st Annual Conference and AGM

6th & 7th November 2014
Mercure, Redcliffe Parade E, Bristol, BS1 6SQ


Relevant Legislation and Policy, for housing and social care in Scotland

Cabinet for Infrastructure, Cabinet for Health and Wellbeing, Scottish Government Equality Unit

Relevant Legislation and Policy for Housing/Social Care in England

  • Legislation and policy is outlined by government department in alphabetical order.
  • The full text of much of the legislation below is available at:
  • For ease of access specific links are included and relevant articles/sections identified where possible.

Best practice guidance related to housing from across the country.