BAOT Malpractice and Public Liability Insurance October 2013 to September 2014

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It's your badge of excellence.

BAOT membership is:

  • Peace of mind
  • Professional development
  • Exclusive practice guidance
  • News and networks
  • Shaping the future of the profession

Find out how you can access over £6000-worth of member benefits to help throughout your career:

Accentuate your professional character.

Self-employed membership cost image £16.74 per monthBAOT membership is a hallmark of quality which will give your clients confidence.

Become a BAOT associate member and ensure your role in the occupational therapy profession is fully recognised.

Associate membership cost image £13.10 per monthOccupational therapy support staff are essential to the delivery of occupational therapy services.

Celebrate your professional status as a retired member.

Retired membership cost image £5.53 per monthThe occupational therapy profession inspires passion in many practitioners who want to continue to be involved in the profession after retirement.


Overseas members can receive our monthly peer reviewed occupational therapy research journal.

Over seas membership cost image £16.74 per monthOccupational therapy is a growing profession around the world.

Guarantee your connection with the profession.

Career break membership cost image £15.25 per monthEveryone experiences times of change and should you need to take a break from professional practice keep in touch with the latest news, developments and innovations directly affecting occupational therapy with BAOT

"My BAOT student membership has given me many resources. The website has provided quick access to evidence for my practice placements which has have been vital for my university studies. The website has also enabled me to keep up to date on current issues, new documents and evidence based practice."

Helen Webster, recent graduate from Northumbria University:

  1. Access a range of online resources that will help you write assignment, get to grips with the theory and prepare for practice placement.

Helping you achieve your career aspirations.

New graduates £16.74 per month

Supporting you in your professional status.

Professional membership cost image £22.32 per monthNurture your own professional development and deliver the highest standards of practice by becoming a member of your professional body.