Supporting Practice - Evidence and Resources (SPEaR)

Occupational therapy staff need to maintain an awareness of current policy, guidelines, research and best available evidence.

Keeping up-to-date on policy and guidelines is part of the COT Professional Standards for Occupational Therapy Practice, but searching for relevant occupational therapy specific information can be complicated and time consuming.
These Supporting Practice - Evidence and Resources (SPEaR) pages aim to point you towards some key information on particular topics.

Each topic focuses on three areas:

  • Policy and context
  • COT resources
  • Evidence
Items listed have an electronic link to either the source document or relevant web site. Access to some individual journal articles may depend on local database subscriptions.
The topic lists are not intended to be all inclusive but draw together some core resources to assist your practice. Members retain the responsibility for reviewing and interpreting the information in the context of their individual competency and specific circumstances of practice.

SPEaR topics


The following SPEaR topics are currently available to members:

  1.    Avoiding unplanned hospital admissions
  2.    Care Homes
  3.    Children, Young People and Families
  4.    Dementia
  5.    Driving and Mobility Assessments
  6.    End of Life Care
  7.    Falls Management
  8.    Homelessness
  9.    Housing - NEW
  10.  Learning Disabilities
  11.  Mental Health
  12.  Multiple Sclerosis
  13.  Occupational health and work
  14.  Outcomes
  15.  Parkinson's
  16.  Public Health
  17.  Reablement
  18.  Rheumatology
  19.  Service delivery and workforce planning
  20.  Sight loss
  21.  Social Care - NEW
  22.  Stroke
  23.  Telecare
  24.  Traumatic Brain Injury
  25.  Vocational Rehabilitation

If you think that you could contribute to an existing or new SPEaR topic, please contact