Wales (Cymru)

For all Welsh COT members who want to be kept up-to-date with the latest activities in Wales.

BAOT Wales Regional Committee supports and co-ordinates member activity around Wales.
It will link with BAOT local groups to encourage and widen member participation in BAOT activities, for example, CPD events, meetings or improved communication. Every BAOT member is automatically allocated to a region of the BAOT with a regional committee.
The committee members are currently seeking ideas from members about what they want to see happen (see flier in delegate pack). It includes the web co-ordinator who manages the Welsh web pages and puts relevant information on the web and Career advisors who lead and co-ordinate the careers advice sessions in their area.
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Are you a BAOT member living in Wales?

If so the Welsh Regional committee is offering 3 chances to win an amazing opportunity to attend either:

  • College of Occupational Therapists
    38th Annual Conference and Exhibition
    3-5 June 2014, Brighton (2 tickets available)


  • BAOT Welsh Board conference 1st May 2014, Cardiff
    (1 ticket available)


Please complete the application form explaining why you would like to attend and email to by 17 April 2014.
The 3 successful applicants MUST write an article on their experience for the regional section in OT News within 2 months from attending the conference.
Travel and accommodation is NOT included with the conference ticket.


CPD/Proficiency Skills Seminars

Three two-hour weekly workshop sessions to develop effective communication skills.
4th February 2014 @ Bangor University Fron Heulog (09.30 - 16.30)

  • Workshop 1: Preparing a positive CV/Practice Profile
  • Workshop 2: Promoting yourself successfully at interviews/panels
  • Workshop 3: Presenting your case study in an engaging and positive way

pdf imageClick here for more information.


Integrated assessment, planning and review arrangements for older people
Streamlined guidance for assessing and planning care and support for people aged 65 and over has been published by the Welsh Government.
It introduces a more responsive assessment and care planning process. People will be asked what support they need to remain independent and confident, and they will play an equal part in the decisions made about their care in order to maintain their wellbeing.
The guidance can be found here:

Consultation response 

See COT response to consultation concerning Wales 'Communities, Equality and Local Government Committee Inquiry into Home Adaptations'.

Occupational Therapists are crucial to helping people with MS stay in work, says new report

A major report from the MS Society has called for occupational therapists to be more involved in caring for people with Multiple Sclerosis. Amongst its key recommendations it asks Health Boards in Wales to review the number of occupational therapists they employ to guarantee people living with MS are supported to stay in work.  
It also calls on the Government to ensure occupational therapist are included in multi-disciplinary health and social care teams. The full article can be seen in our news feed and you can read the press release.

Regional Committee


Chair: Kate Pierce
Vice Chair: Sara Ryan
Secretary: Alison Ravenscroft
Treasurer: Sara Thelwell
Regional Communications Lead: Stuart Barrow
Careers Promotion Lead: Vicky James
Membership Networks Lead: Sandra Naughton
Education: Helen Carey
Unison: Vacant
Student Rep: Ami Dumbleton

Committee Members :
Neil Ford
Neil Roberts 

BAOT local groups

BAOT local groups offer members the opportunity to join an already existing group or any member can set a new group.
BAOT local groups are supported financially by the Regional Committee and offer the opportunity to gain valuable continuing professional development, share experiences, develop, expertise and competence.
Ceredigion: Jo Campbell

Mid Wales: Vic Deakins

North East Wales: Vicky James

Pembrokeshire & Derwen: Dean Campbell

Community Occupational Therapy Advisory Group (COTAG): Neil Abraham

Student Group: Andy Green

COT Specialist Sections

COT Specialist Sections are member organisations, run by a board of volunteer occupational therapists.
COT Specialist Sections work in partnership with the College, setting high standards and promoting good practice within their clinical speciality, representing the interest(s) of their members across the UK. There purpose is to encourage, promote, facilitate and support OT practice within the speciality and for their members. There are Wales Representatives for each of the 11 Specialist Sections. They work with the Welsh Board in Wales for their specialist area. For example, the Specialist Section -Housing representatives have given evidence to Assembly committees and represented the College in Governmental working groups on adaptations and housing.

Specialist Sections Manager

The Specialist Sections Manager supports all the COT Specialist Sections across the UK and advises guides and ensures compliance from the Specialist Sections on the Governance Framework, including business and clinical activities.

Louise Cusack:

Unison Branches

BAOT is an independent trade union but has a contract with Unison to provide industrial relations support to BAOT members. Every BAOT member is automatically allocated to a branch based on their employer. Now more than ever BAOT stewards are needed for each branch and training is given to take on this role, though members can approach direct unison stewards in their absence. Unison branches share a lot of information and offer a range of activities to support members.

Welsh Regional BAOT Stewards

The Regional Steward for Health and the Regional Steward for Local Government are elected by BAOT stewards in Wales. They chair and co-ordinate the Regional BAOT Stewards Forum. They also sit on the Welsh Board and National OT Panel and are in constant contact with other Unison officials to support BAOT members. The Local Government (Social Services) position is currently vacant and we are very keen to appoint to this important role.

UNISON Steward: Peter Hewin

Contacting UNISON

BAOT/COT members can access UNISON services via local staff stewards. If you do not have a UNISON staff steward then contact your UNISON Branch Secretary by telephoning 0845 355 0845.