Occupational Therapists celebrate World OT day with virtual exchange of knowledge

Submitted by Andrew Brown on Tue, 25/10/2011 - 15:53

On 26-27 October, occupational therapists across the world will come together as one online community to share 24 hours of knowledge.  The Occupational Therapy 24hr virtual exchange will mark World OT day on 27 October, and is led by OT4OT, a group of Occupational Therapists from Canada, New Zealand, America and the UK. 

Free one hour long webinars will kick off from 7pm BST (6pm UTC) on 26 October, and will draw to a close at 6pm BST on 27 October. They will be broadcast from a ‘virtual classroom’ on a wide range of subjects from laughter and humour in Occupational Therapy (OT), OT in earthquake zones and OT's role in cancer survivorship.The audience will be able to discuss and comment on the webinars, both within them, and through the #ot24vx hashtag on Twitter.

Angela Hook, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy, University of Salford, and member of OT4OT, said “all the organisers and presenters are giving their time freely in the spirit of our theme this year - Pay It Forward - in the hope that participants will pay the favour forward after the event by passing on their experiences to others, spreading the word about OT far and wide."

Julia Skelton, Director of Professional Operations, British Association and College of Occupational Therapists said “Sharing best practice is key to advancing and enriching our profession and this event is a dynamic example of how to do just that.  We hope lots of people will tune into the broadcasts throughout the day.” 

World OT Day takes place on 27 October, and WFOT have produced a range of resources to help celebrate the day.

Also taking place on the day is what is described as a blog ‘carnival’, with OT blogger Linda Harrison co-ordinating blog posts from around the world based upon the theme "Celebrating Our Global Identity". You can find out more about the blog carnival, and look out for the posts on her blog.