The Ambassador Programme

Become an OT Ambassador and promote the value of your profession.


What is the ambassador programme?

The ambassador programme gives you the resources to promote the profession to a number of different target audiences. Two programmes have been devised: the first targets commissioners; and the second focusses on service users and consumers. A career advisors' pack is to follow.

Who should be involved?

Anyone who works as an OT can be an ambassador for the profession. An OT ambassador takes every opportunity, no matter how small, to promote the profession.

How can you be an ambassador?

As an OT ambassador you need to ensure everyone you meet knows you are an occupational therapist. You also need to take the time to explain what an OT does. When you write a report, make sure that you include occupational based outcomes and achievements, as this is what you do, and when you talk to senior managers, show how your role is helping to meet your organisation's objectives.

Where can you be an ambassador?

It depends upon who you wish to target, but in the main you can be an ambassador at work.

Why should you be an ambassador?

In these days when every function and department are being scrutinised and expected to deliver positive outcomes effectively, you need to be able to have the tools and the confidence to demonstrate the positive contribution OT makes. The ambassador programme provides you with key messages, templates, evidence and advice on how you can promote the profession and enable you to substantiate the work of occupational therapists in your organisation and in the community.



Not sure about getting involved?

Read "Seven reasons not to be an ambassador for the profession"