Professional practice enquiries service

The enquiries service is a member benefit and deals with enquiries relating to all aspects of professional practice in the workplace

In addition we also provide support to other health and social care professionals professionals who manage occupational therapists and members of the public who are accessing OT services. This enables us to indirectly support our members and the wider profession.

If you have an enquiry or would like some advice not covered in our frequently asked questions please contact our Professional affairs officer Henny Pearmain or our Enquiries coordinator Kewcha Ambrose and they will be happy to help.

Non-members seeking support from the enquiries service

If you are an occupational therapist, or studying to become an occupational therapist, and would like to use the enquiries service you will need to join the British Association of Occupational Therapists.

Supporting allied health professionals

The enquiries service accepts enquiries from allied health professionals who are managing occupational therapists or have queries about policy and practice.

Finding an OT

If you would like to find a private occupational therapist, an online directory of occupational therapists is supplied by COT Specialist Section Independent Practice.

Visit COT SS - Independent Practice to find an independent occupational therapist or
telephone the COT SS - Independent Practice enquiry line on 0800 389 4873.

Terms and conditions of work or problems in the workplace

For help and advice at work - or to find out more about UNISON services - please contact your local BAOT/UNISON steward or call the UNISONdirect hotline on 0800 857 857. Calls are at local rate. Lines are open 6am-midnight Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturdays.

Other enquieries

If you are uncertain about whether or not we can answer your enquiry please email us: to find out.