OT Week 2014

Occupational Therapy Week 2014



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Occupational Therapy Week 2013

OT Week 2013 was a huge success, with OTs all over the UK demonstrating their pride in their profession!
OTs on Twitter using the hashtags #OTWeek and #OTWeek13 reached an estimated 80,000 people with discussion about occupational therapy!
Little actions can make a difference

 Last year one service created an OT Week screen saver and        this was used by every member of the service during OT
 Week.  This was an effective and yet simple way to promote the  profession and demonstrate the pride you have in your          profession.
"Occupational Therapy Week was a real turning point for
 our small OT team. We all felt as though we can do something to  influence what people think about OTs and this was hugely  motivating. It was good to see all the OTs working together and  being far more positive afterwards."

Positive Outcomes from OT Week 2013
“Patients understanding of OT has increased and they are now open in approaching the OTs with more questions, i.e. 'Could you help me purchase a chair because of my back problem?' 'I am feeling stressed, can you talk through my anxieties.' Staff knowledge and understanding of the OT role has improved and the respect for the profession and COT as a professional body has increased.

I believe it also demonstrates how passionate OTs can be
about their role and profession by putting effort into promoting their role and OT Week.”  Huntercombe, Group, Blackheath London 

  • Councillor wants us to speak at his health forum.”  A chance for life, Cumbria 
  • The school is considering employing an OT as a result of our promotion of the profession.”  Coventry University 
  • It increased the knowledge of people working in a large County Council organisation of the benefits of liaising with OT colleagues and having our input to ensure best use of resources and ensure good time management to resolve issues.” Access Intake & Assessment, Lancashire
  • Patients who have never engaged in OT joined the activities in that week and have continued to engage in activities with us, including a patient who attended the social event and this was the first time she had been off the ward since her admission.” Rotherham Vocational Services, Sheffield
  • Four new referrals to our OT service and offers for potential partnership working.” Leicester Partnership  



Useful resources

These resources have been produced to help you plan and brand your Occupational Therapy Week's activities.