OT Week

Take part in Occupational Therapy Week and celebrate your profession alongside occupational therapists across the country.

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The deadline for requesting an Occupational Therapy Week pack is 24 October 2014.  

What are you planning for this year's OT week?

Consider what you want to achieve during occupational therapy week.
Give yourself a target for example:
• tell 25 people (that’s five a day) about the benefits of occupational therapy;
• get a story in your company in-house magazine about your department;
• visit a school and show the students and teachers what OTs can do and what a rewarding  career it is;
• identify a good news from your service and see if it can be featured in the local media during OT week;
• use OT Week as an opportunity to prepare for pOliTical persuasion.
More about preparing for pOliTical Persuasion:

2015 is general election year, so collect evidence from your service and practice articulating the benefits of occupational therapy so you are prepared when you meet political canvassers for the 2015 Westminster election.


OT Week resources

You could use the time between now and OT Week to arrange a meeting with a service commissioner,  political representative or other decision maker. There are lots of useful template letters and tips in this section of the site which will help you plan, prepare and promote your meeting. 


Find out more about how you can:

There are so many different audiences locally that need to hear about the benefits of occupational therapy, including:
 • Commissioners, including GPs 

  •  • Senior managers
  •  • Service users and their families
  •  • Schools and colleges
  •  • Other health and social care professionals
  •  • Local and national government policy makers


Little actions can make a difference

Last year one service created an OT Week screen saver and this was used by every member of the service during OT Week. This was an effective and yet simple way to promote the profession.

Ultimately your actions will make a difference in informing people about occupational therapy. Use Occupational Therapy Week as your chance to demonstrate the pride you have in your profession…

"Occupational Therapy Week was a real turning point for our small OT team. We all felt as though we can do something to influence what people think about OTs and this was hugely motivating. It was good to see all the OTs working together and being far more positive afterwards."
Tell us what your plans are for OT Week 2014 and help inspire other OTs.
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