NHS CB consultation opens on service specifications and clinical policies

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The NHS Commissioning Board have opened a consultation on service specifications ahead of taking up their role commissioning all regional specialist services in England. 

Genevieve Smyth, COT lead professional affairs officer, said: ‘It will be key to ensure that these specifications include occupational therapy where appropriate and COT will respond where members feel the OT input has not been included. 

‘If you feel that occupational therapy is missing from any of the service specifications please include any information or evidence that can be used in the COT submission.’

Programmes of care

The adult and children’s services are grouped into broad programmes of care, and include:

Area A – internal medicine including cystic fibrosis, rheumatology, lung disease, obesity, renal dialysis, inherited cardiac conditions, pulmonary hypertension.

Area B   cancer and blood including radiotherapy, cancer of brain/pancreas/head and neck, chemotherapy, HIV

Area C – mental health including eating disorders, secure services, deaf mental health, gender dysphoria, perinatal and CAMHS

Area D – trauma including wheelchairs, environmental controls, brain injury and complex rehabilitation, burns, pain management, orthopaedics, spinal cord injuries, major trauma

Area E –women and children including paediatric surgery, medicine, oncology, cardiology, neonatal critical care, paediatric neurorehabilitation.

Members can send comments to genevieve.smyth@cot.co.uk by Tuesday 15 January.

The specifications are all available on the NHS Commissioning Board website

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