Living well in care homes

Free resource - Living well through activity in care homes: the toolkit


The toolkit…what is it?  

The toolkit is a free online resource full of practical ideas of how to support care home residents to live their lives doing the day-to-day activities that are important to them.  The toolkit promotes dignity and respect, mental and physical wellbeing and integration into the community. It includes free training materials and audit tools to review and evidence aspects of care such as personalisation and choice.

Why is it needed?

We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to shape their daily life regardless of age and health needs. The resource is available to all care homes in the UK and we would urge everyone to Take the CUE. This means to: Connect with, Understand and Encourage residents. This toolkit will help you to do this.

Who is it for?  

Developed by the College of Occupational Therapists (COT), the Toolkit consists of five separate sections aimed at a range of audiences including care home residents, their family and friends; care home staff, owners and managers; commissioners and inspectors; and occupational therapists.

How can I access it?  

The Toolkit is available from this webpage - just click on the images below to access the different sections.  For optimum use, download the section you require and click on File/Save As.  By saving this resource to your own computer it will be easily to hand whenever it’s needed.  It will also allow for changes to the audit and action planning forms to be to be made quickly and efficiently to record improvements in the care home. 
Please ensure you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader and if you are using a tablet or mobile phone download the Adobe Reader mobile app


All sections of the toolkit were last updated in October 2014.
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