Email networks

The College runs email networks relating to learning disabilities, mental health, vocational rehabilitation and condition management

Older people

Join older people's network to share information, resources, knowledge, good practice and legislation contact Karin Tancock:

The older people's liaison psychiatry network exists alongside the older people's network. Members share information and aim to meet 2-3 times a year. To join this network contact Karin Tancock:


Learning disabilities and mental health

The learning disabilities and mental health email networks are for Strategic Leads, consultant OTs and lecturers in Higher Education Institutes.
To join either or both of these email networks contact Genevieve Smyth, Professional Affairs Officer


Vocational rehabilitation and condition management

To join the vocational rehabilitation email network contact Victoria Fox, Practice Team Administrator


Long term conditions network

Join the long term conditions network to share ideas about best practice and influence debate. To join the long term conditions network email:


Social care

The social services network is a means of sharing information, knowledge, good practice, implications of legislation, and to assist you with any queries you may have in relation to practice. We would be grateful for your views and any ideas you may have as to how this network can be used to best effect.
If you would like the last copy of the Social Care bulletin please email 


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