eHealth (information management)

Ehealth and eCare involve the use of information and communication technologies to support developments in clinical practice and record keeping

The College is involved in eHealth initiatives across the UK countries.

The College encourages occupational therapists to keep up-to-date in their information management skills and knowledge about information and communication technologies.
This will help you to effectively contribute towards local and national initiatives and developments and help to ensure they are compatible with occupational therapy practice and record keeping.
Some examples are:

  • Telecare and telehealth
  • Mobile health, i.e. remote access to electronic care records and IT systems
  • Standardising the headings in electronic care records
  • Developing national sets of terms for OTs to record service user problems, goals and OT interventions
  • Information governance and information security
  • Data sets required for central returns, e.g. AHP Referral To Treatment