COT SS - Housing

We promote the role of occupational therapy in the field of accessible housing and independent living.

COT Specialist Section - Housing provides a forum for occupational therapists and occupational therapy staff that have an interest in housing, inclusive design and accessible home environments.
We work closely with other related organisations and professionals with a similar interest. We advocate for improved standards of housing for older and disabled people. We work to influence consultations at both national and local level regarding housing and the built environment.
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Launch of "Good Practice in the Design of Homes and Living Spaces for People with Dementia and Sight Loss"

New guidelines launched (11 June 2014) by the sight loss charity, Thomas Pocklington Trust and the University of Stirling, reveal how clever design of living spaces can improve the lives of people who are living with two common conditions - dementia and sight loss.
The evidence-based guidelines help make homes more accessible for people with both conditions and were developed after researchers gathered the views and experiences of people living with dementia and sight loss, their families and carers and a wide range of professionals.
COTSS - Housing welcome this excellent, user focused and evidence based approach to establishing good practice design principles for people with dementia and sight loss. This will bring benefits to a potentially wide range of service users and carers.
The publication is easy to read and the rank ordering of the usefulness and application of design elements valuable when making an economic case to apply these principles and design elements to appropriate new build housing or adaptations.

UK Electronic Repositories of Law and Policy

Comprehensive electronic repositories of legislation and policy relating to housing and related social care are now operational for England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 
Special thanks are due to the regional representatives, other members of the National Executive and Carl Miller at the COT web-team who have spent much time and expertise developing these resources with the web coordinator.
These resources will offer members easy and systematic access to original documents. It is a valuable resource for policy and service development/delivery. The repository will also help with clarification of the legal and policy parameters for Occupational Therapy practice when combined with appropriate professional guidance.
The repository for England, for example contains 73 electronic links to nine key Departments and Agencies. There is also a good practice section on innovative housing design practice and the accessible housing register in London. 



A new briefing: Legislation, policy and research related to housing for individuals with autistic spectrum disorder and challenging behaviour

Thu, 06/11/2014 - 15:38
Despite an increased prevalence of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) (Elsabbagh et al 2012) and a better understanding of challenging behaviour itself (Royal College of Psychiatrists et al 2007) there remains a lack of specific evidence-based guidance for occupational therapists in this field. This briefing identifies other published material which may be useful, focusing on the home environment. It will also be of helpful to managers, commissioners and other professionals working in the... Read more

OT Sight Loss Consultant Appointed

Thu, 10/04/2014 - 10:43
COTSSH - Housing are delighted to hear of the inspired... Read more

Housing’s position statement on consultation drafted for The National Executive

Thu, 10/04/2014 - 10:06
A COT SS Housing position statement on the consultation... Read more

Disability Housing Design Panel shortlisted for International Design for all Foundation Award in Northern Ireland

Mon, 07/04/2014 - 10:19
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